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About Katie + Katasana

Katasana [Kat-ass-an-ah] a fusion of "Katie" (that's me!) + "asana" (the physical yoga poses), to create my take on yoga to bring you a magical Mind + Movement experience! However, Katasana is about more than just the physical poses, this is your space to feel more connected with yourself; to nourish your mind + body through the many practices offered + develop into the most confident + fulfilled version of YOU. Explore these powerful sessions, to go deeper + hold space for the inner work.

I reluctantly attended my first yoga class in 2012 as support for a friend, but I had some pretty strong misconceptions that yoga wasn't for me! I thought it would be boring + a waste of time + had wrongly assumed it was just for old or injured people (how wrong I was!). However, I experienced SO MANY incredible + unexpected benefits from the practices + fell in love with the many styles of yoga offered, that I continue to learn + grow my practice today. Even after nearly 10 years, there is still more to learn (we're all working on something, I promise)!


For many years, I used yoga to balance my hectic corporate lifestyle as a solicitor. I loved how my mind + movement practices helped improve my concentration + manage stress levels. However, during lockdown - increased workloads + working from home (or living at work) resulted in me neglecting my practices + I was left with severe burnout + high stress. I was in the worst mental place of my life + knew I had to take responsibility for my health + make changes for my healing. Unfortunately, I knew I wasn't alone + so I wanted to share my light + passion with others, so that they wouldn't have to feel the same way I had been. I set up Katasana as a means to help others protect their physical + mental health + promote a culture of self care + development. After all, it is impossible to hate yourself into a version that you'll love.

I love sharing my energy + light to make yoga + meditation accessible for everyone, no matter what your level of experience is. You can practice at home with me LIVE, or catch up from the library of classes at any time to suit you.


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Whether you're after a more relaxing vibe or want to build strength + get your sweat on - I have a class for you! If you are new, there is a dedicated beginners channel to teach you the fundamentals for a safe practice at home. I also offer verbal cues + options for adjustment to allow you to modify your practice as required. It doesn't matter if you can't touch your toes, no matter how you show up on your mat - you are so welcome in this space. 

Members can also benefit from our facebook community group - which is one of the kindest + most supportive corners of the internet! 

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